SSRPG Yearbook Term 29


House Cup

First Place - Slytherin

Second Place - Ravenclaw

Third Place - Gryffindor

Fourth Place - Hufflepuff

Quidditch Cup

First Place - Slytherin

Second Place - Hufflepuff

Third Place - Ravenclaw

Fourth Place - Gryffindor

Gobstone Cup

First Place - Slytherin

Second Place - Gryffindor

Third Place - Ravenclaw

Fourth Place - Hufflepuff


Mr. & Mrs. Hogwarts

Mr. and Mrs. Hogwarts are the students who most embody school spirit. They know everyone and everyone knows them. They don't have to be the nicest or most selfless people but they do have to represent everyone and show the Wizarding World just who we are here at Hogwarts. Your votes put them here, and here they'll stay. This term Head Girl She-Snake Evelyn Flores stood out as Mrs Hogwarts alongside Gryffindor Josh Carter as Mr Hogwarts. They follow in the footsteps of the likes of Lexi Denver, Treyen Lockhart, Celandine Toussaint, Jack Fritzera, Gold Laksh and Chris Potter. They're us and we are them.



Cutest Couple

You've seen them around the school being cute together, maybe even causing a few of you to vomit, but you probably don't know the full story. This angsty and adorable couple, made up of Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain Eliana Stone and Hufflepuff Prefect Treyen Lockhart probably won't tell you the details. Maybe one day when they're married with babies, hmm? The votes are in, you chose them. Aren't they just sickeningly cute?



Most likely to play professional Quidditch

With mad Quidditch skills in abundance, the votes are in and fans and teammates alike have told us who they think will be on professional teams in the future, maybe even representing England. Oddly enough both recipients being acknowledged didn't play on the team who scooped up the Quidditch Cup this term.  Ravenclaw Maximus James and Hufflepuff Kita Lewis manage to fly right in and score in each of our hearts. Great flying you two!


Most likely to invent something

To be a worthwhile inventor or discoverer of new things you have to be just a little bit unorthodox in your methods. Well this pair made up of a Snake and a Claw, representatives of both 'witty' houses, apparently have that special something that made you all vote for their big ol' brains. Marilyn Force and Eino Uronen are the ones to watch and steal ideas from before they patent them.


7th Year Legacy

They may be graduating but their names will echo through the hallways for eons, younger students remembering them fondly and regaling each other with epic tales of greatness. This term there is a couple you have chose to receive this honor. We will miss her wacky antics or his quick yet comical temper. Please give a round of applause to Evelyn Flores and Josh Carter.


Most likely to become Minister of Magic

Maybe it’s the way she is able to excell in her studies, or the way he flashes that smile of his. Maybe it’s just the way they all seem ahead of the game and precocious beyond their years. The votes are in and a duo made up of Gryffindor Prefect Kurumi Hollingberry and Slytherin Head Boy Stradivarius Salander are the faces that you, their peers, wouldn't mind voting into office one day.


Most promising firstie

This term's first years had a trying time with Professor's offices being broken into and the broomshed going up in flames, but even with the strangeness hanging over their heads, these two younin’s held their heads high and got themselves noticed. That’s right, you lot simply loved them and saw their promise from a mile away. Set a good example and play nice everyone, Raveclaw's Harvey Watson and Indiana Hutchinson will be watching you and here’s hoping they learn from your mistakes before they make some of their own. 


Most likely to break out of Azkaban

They're troublemakers, pure and simple. Not bad kids and yet there they are, constantly getting in trouble and getting noticed for attitude or bad behaviour. You must have a bit of faith in their smarts, or you wouldn't have voted them most likely to break out of the toughest wizarding prison there is. Lets hope that Gryffindor's Johnathan Walker and Slytherin's Victoria Bunbury mend their ways before they graduate or we might have to send them care packages.



 Most Likely to be Best Friends Forever

Everyone knows those people who are rarely, if ever, seen out of sight of each other and when their other half is missing you are stumped as to where they could be. It’s a rare thing to find that one friend you want to do everything with and in the case of this term’s winning friends it continues to ring true. Third year Slytherins Victoria Bunbury and Taryn Hayden have seemed to beat the strain against lessons and homework in order to stay as close as possible.


Most Likely to Become Muggle Royalty

 All hail the King and Queen of England--or wherever! This term a muggleborn and pureblood have teamed together and were voted by you because for some reason you see them best fitting into the ritzy life of a royal. So come up to their thrones, stand in awe of their crowns and sabers, and kneel before them. King August Goldstein and Queen Victoria Bunbury are quite fond of their subjects.



Favorite New Staff Member

Although we do love our dear returning staff members, it’s those holding a Hogwarts teaching position for the first time that get the most apples and receive the majority of our desired attention. This term it wasn’t hard for us to get distracted while following around the shifty new History of Magic Professor, Everett Scabior, and the severe yet fair Charms Professor, Althea Schirmer. Welcome to the Hogwarts family Professors.



Most Likely to Invent a Charm

 These students are not only great at the charms and spells they learn in their lessons, you seem to think that they would be capable of creating their own charm so that one day many other students may use it for whatever reason they decide. Let's give it up for the progressive pair made up of Slytherin Kennedy Escalante and Gryffindor Kurumi Hollingberry.



Most likely to have a Permanent Bed at St. Mungo's

These kids just don't know how to not get hurt. They seem to fall off of and crash their brooms, trip and fall in the corridors, and take a tumble down the moving staircases more often than any other students at Hogwarts. What is their deal?! Anyways, inform the Healers because we've got three new patients coming in. Good luck Destiny Shepard, Carter Phillips, and Lola Jones and stay safe!