SSRPG Yearbook Term 29


Head of House

Maximus O. Vindictus is not only a wonderfully scary professor but also the Head of Ravenclaw House. While some students are afraid of this six-foot-four father of three most adore him for his support. There are times this professor does need to unleash punishments in the form of detentions on students normally they would be more or less having the students mend, polish, and fix the spare brooms in the broom-shed - that is if the brooms would not get destroyed. All in all, Ravenclaw are lucky to have a Rex Vindictus as their head of house as he is definitely full of pride in his house and ads a warmth of cheer to the house normally filled with Brains, Loyalty, and Bookish peoples.


Responsible, caring, and rather wordy Ivory Erised fits into her role of Ravenclaw Prefect wonderfully. She enjoys reading, reading, and more reading, and you rarely find her arms free of at least one rather large tome. Ivory is known among the students and her friends in particular for her friendly and exceptionally lively attitude. You have an idea to discuss? Debater Ivory is the perfect person to share opinions and contemplate new theories with.

Her best friend, Hufflepuff Prefect Arya Lovegoods says, "Ivy has been one of my closest friends since our first year she has always been there when I needed her, or wanted to do something silly. She's wicked smart and super nice. Anyone would be lucky to call her a friend and I'm lucky to have her as a bestie. Couldn't dream up a better one if I tried."

Moving in to her last term at Hogwarts, the young lady will be taking varied experiences from Hogwarts with her into her future life, including those of near-death, love and romantic natures. Just like all students in this historical establishment, Ivory Erised feels lucky to be attending Hogwarts and learning with the students from all four houses.

Unnervingly anxious? Check! Gets the willies every time someone surprises them? Check! Fiddles with hands when nervous? Check! One could only be talking about male Ravenclaw Prefect, Theodore Dumble. Known for his 'unique' dream of owning a cat farm, the incredibly tall and curly haired boy is funny, helpful, and usually found fooling around with his cake cannon. Dumble is a seventh year student at Hogwarts who started out as a shy and nervous boy who has grown up to prove that shyness doesn't conflict with a sense of responsibility, or being able to lead Ravenclaw house.

"Well…Theodore Dumble is the coolest guy at Hogwarts," his best buddy, Braeden, tells me, "And the smartest, too… You'll never find another Ravenclaw as smart as Theo. He can solve any problem you throw at him in the blink of an eye." I can add that he's loved deeply by his friends because Braeden went on to mention,"He's modest about it too, you'll never see him bragging or even admitting to his greatness. He's definitely one of the best mates I've ever had at this school. He's willing to help anyone with anything." The Gryffindor gave a confident nod before finishing. "He's as selfless as it gets, but for some reason, you just kinda want to take care of him. He's just too nice, y'know? You just wanna carry him around and feed him with a bottle -- don't tell him I said that, though, I don't wanna embarrass him..." Nope, we're not going to tell him. We're just going to write about it. 


Eliana Stone, Captain of Ravenclaw Quidditch in her fifth year at Hogwarts. The Ravenclaw student is known for her lively personality. You see her a lot outdoors while hardly ever seen in the library – a Ravenclaw rebel? Maybe. I've asked Eliana to sit down with me for a quick Quidditch talk and here is what the Captain had to tell. 

1. Hi Eliana, I'm really excited that we arranged this meeting to dwell into your awesome Quidditch skills. Let's start from the beginning and ask when did you first play Quidditch? Was there someone to recommend it for you or encouraged you when they saw your natural talent perhaps? 

Hi! You could just call me Ellie, though...Really. Erm...I guess I first started...Merlin, I don't even remember. I was very young and it was just in my backyard, if that counts. I guess I had wanted to play from seeing my father and his friends and my grandfather play, and I wanted to join in. They were all very encouraging, as family should be, and gave me a fair chance playing at each position. And I loved it.

2. An early player then, interesting. Did you try out for Ravenclaw team as soon as you were allowed? Also what position did you first try out for and why? 

Yup, I tried out my first term. I signed up for all the positions, I'm pretty sure, but made it known I wanted to play Beater most of all. I think...See, I was quite small, and I think I liked the power that came with being Beater, and the opportunity it gave to show everyone that I was fiercer and stronger than I looked.

3. That makes sense, I guess. But now you play seeker, right? 

3. That makes sense, I guess. But now you play seeker, right? How long have you been playing seeker? And what are other positions that you've played? Any favorites? 

Seeker, yeah. Uhm...since my third term. The last half of the term, I subbed in for James after his injury. I've played all of the positions for at least part of a game. Seeker's definitely become my favorite. It's odd because I had originally wanted anything but Seeker, and now I love it. Then, probably Beater, and then Chaser. Keeper's my least favorite because you don't really get to fly around as much plus, it's harder to see what's going on at the other end of the Pitch when you have to stay in your own Scoring Area.

4. Now that you are the Captain, tell us more about holding such a responsible post in Ravenclaw House. How did you feel when you get the badge? 

I was absolutely thrilled. It's really a huge compliment, actually. Not only does Professor Vindictus - THE Maximus Vindictus, mind you - think I'm a good enough player to strategize, help and coach others, and recognize new talents, while keeping my own game at its best, but he also felt I was responsible enough to look after six players at once and represent the Ravenclaw house - his house - in the sport.

5. It is an honor. Lastly, what would you tell us about the last season of Quidditch in Hogwarts? Your personal opinion on matches and results, if you may.

It was quite an exciting season! It's always exciting when teams get to play each other multiple times in terms of matches. It shows that all the players really do have a lot of talent and a sense of...persistence, maybe? None of them were ready to just call it quits after a sole loss, they all came back fighting harder than ever. That's what makes a match worth watching. They're stubborn but I think that's pretty admirable in a Quidditch player. Hufflepuff and Slytherin clearly had amazing players and very strong teams and there's no question as to why either of them ended up in the Championship.