SSRPG Yearbook Term 29


Head of House

1. Professor Hadley, can you tell us about your days of Hogwarts? What were your favorite subjects? And did kids at school call you a 'nerd' for loving numbers and talking so much about them? That sort of stuff.

Most of my Hogwarts Days were actually spent in the Library, with a couple people you students might even know. I quite enjoyed Magical Creatures, Charms, and of course, Arithmancy. And yes, I was very much called a 'nerd' because of my love/preference to books, considering my sorting into Hufflepuff.

2. When did you decide you wanted to be a Hogwarts Professor? 

Not until after several years of University Studies and then independent research, did I finally discover teaching. I began my teaching career first at a small wizarding school in South Africa. After two years, I realized that I missed the Northern Hemisphere and thus now that I knew I wanted to teach, inquired to Headmaster Tate about a teaching position.

3. When did you become Head of House for Hufflepuff first? 

This past year was my first actually, so 2075.

4. How well do you think you handled being the big figure for the Badgers?

I think I learned a lot and hopefully will improve upon it next year.

5. What about outside Hogwarts and away from books, numbers and nagging students? Does Hadley have an active social life? Any close friends from the staff team?

We like books? And traveling. But from the other staff members, we would say our closest friend would have to Seren Bentley. Knew the woman vaguely from my Hogwarts days, although she was better friends with my younger sister.

6. What would you like to the graduates of Hufflepuff this term?

Good luck and may you always remember your values of trust and loyalty, wherever life may lead you. And of course, follow your heart.


Arya Lovegoods is a sixth year, who originally was born in America. How cool is that! I bet it was pretty amazing out there. Arya returned to the perfecting team this year, beginning her second year of leading the Hufflepuffs. Arya is a very nice badger, always having a smile on her face. I think this is a good quality for the Hufflepuffs, nicest house in Hogwarts maybe? The sixth year enjoys spending time outside, which probably suggests why she likes creatures so much. I was lucky enough to get a spare few minutes with this lovely prefect to ask her a few questions.

Hey Arya. What does being Prefect Mean to you?

Being a prefect to me means always being on your best for the younger students, mostly the little badgers. Setting a good example for them in classes, and being super helpful with whatever they need.

Anything you’d like to tell to your lovely Badgers? 

I would tell them to make friends not enemies. And that if they already have enemies, to make amends 'cause they're wasting energy and precious time disliking someone who they could have more in common with than they realize.

How has this year been for you? 

Great! Nothing bad happened at Hogwarts, the prefect event and classes went well, and I had a good time with my friends. Plus we got a baby house elf now! The cherry on top of a good year.

There’s been many amazing lessons at school but what is your favorite lesson? 

Creatures has always been my favorite of favorites, but I also enjoy Charms.

You graduate next year, any ideas of what you want to do after Hogwarts?

I've always liked the idea of studying winged-horses for a living.

It is clear that Arya is very fond of creatures, and maybe she'll be able to put this into good use, and help her little badgers be careful of magical creatures next term. Along with her fellow badger prefect, Arya will be returning next year for her final year at Hogwarts, which should be a pretty epic year. 

This year the hufflepuffs once again had the pleasure of having Treyen Lockhart as their prefect. Mr Lockhart who is a sixth year, gained his badge last year, and has continued his great work into this this term. I’m sure the badgers appreciate him very much. This lovely badger is pretty great to get along with, managing to make friends with many people, which obviously must make him an even better prefect. I was lucky enough to have been able to ask the lovely Treyen a couple of questions.

What does being a prefect mean to you?

In few words, being there for your House when you're needed, that includes every single Hufflepuff that needs us.

Anything you’d like to say to your badgers? 

Get in trouble. It's the fastest way of learning.

There have been many exciting lessons this year, but which has been your favourite? 

Potions. No doubt about it.

You graduate next year, any ideas about what you want to do? 

Acting, of course.

How has this year been for you?

Drama-free. Almost perfect.

It should come as no surprise that this charismatic Puff will be taking that sparkly personality and smile of his to the stage upon graduating. That is still a year away so before we say good bye to Mr. Lockhart we should all first look forward to what his next, and final, year will bring. Looking forward to seeing you again next term! 

Being a prefect to me means always being on your best for the younger students, mostly the little badgers. Setting a good example for them in classes, and being super helpful with whatever they need. 


After Isobel Vonvue was forced to leave Hogwarts due to personal reasons, seventh year Kita Lewis took over the position of Quidditch Captain leading her team all the way to the Championship Match. I sat down with this chocolate loving girl to ask her a few questions.

1. What does being a Hufflepuff mean to you?

Being a Hufflepuff means being part of a family. I mean, it’s the same for every house right? You’re with people who, over time, grow to be somewhat close to you and whether they like chocolate or not, they’re still awesome people. So being a Hufflepuff, in particular, means working hard and staying loyal to the people you call your friends and your second-family.

2. If you could be a piece of Quidditch equipment, what would you be and why? 

I would be…OH! I would be a Snitch! I like the Snitch! And I like shiny things! And it’s nice to fly around freely and the Snitch can do that before being caught. So yes, I would be the Snitch.

3. What is your favorite memory from this term? 

It’s hard to pick one favorite memory but… if I had to pick one… it would probably be at the end of term when the whole team sat down in a corner of the common room and we all just talked. We had just lost the Championship Match and so we gathered around for one last time as a proper team. It reminded me of how close we all were and how, despite the Captain change and other problems, we still stuck together.

4. If you could describe your team in one word what would that word be? 


5. What were the most challenging and rewarding aspects of being Quidditch Captain?

The most challenging aspect has to have been the first match of the season. I mean, we played with four players on our team and, even against the odds, we still managed to pull it off. It’s what Hufflepuffs are good at doing, right? Pulling things off when hardly anyone expects us to?

My most rewarding aspect… has to be seeing them all work together. Sometimes, during practice, I’d look around at my team members and it makes me happy to see how well they work. We didn’t win the Quidditch Cup but, to me, my real victory lies in seeing the team playing so well with each other. And how we all looked out for each other and just accepted each other, craziness included.

Congratulations on a well fought season and we wish you best of luck in your future Miss Kita Lewis!