SSRPG Yearbook Term 29



Mister Chad Stryker, who has been groundskeeper for three terms now, can often be found about the grounds with his loyal companion; his dog. Stryker is a bouncy, vibrant gentleman who is awfully helpful and chatty. This former Gryffindor is also a former Ministry of Magic employee from both the British and French Ministries. His work in the Magical Creatures departments of these prestigious Ministries has no doubt been a helpful asset as the new groundskeeper.

Early in the term it was told that Mister Stryker would be TEACHING this term. And teach he did! Dance lessons were offered in the gazebo on the grounds to all of those who were interested. Unfortunately for the Hogwarts community, Mister Stryker disappeared part way through the term and does not seem to have any intention of returning to the post he once held. Mister Stryker, you will indeed be missed, sir. 



Headmaster Gaellen Tate was born in 2034 and has served as Hogwart’s esteemed Head since 2071. Not a typical start to a career in schooling youths, Headmaster Tate was formerly with the International Task Force, an oftentimes secretive branch of governmental workers associated with both the MLE and International Cooperation departments at the Ministry of Magic. This former Yeti hunter came upon the job as one of two punishment options, basically. Lucky for the students and staff of Hogwarts he chose to pack up and move to Scotland.

The former Gryffindor is still acting Headmaster and is still generally Gryffindor by nature, whether he would admit it or not. Not so loveable all of the time, the man did, however, recently tie the knot. Married to former Hogwarts Healer, and resident crazy lady, Caroline Avalon, the Headmaster hopes to start a family of his own sometime soon. Who knows if the man actually likes children at all? 



Madame Kimber Donovan joined our staff at Hogwarts three terms ago and has been a great addition as far as the students are concerned. Her ever-faithful Gryffindors love her greatly and can often be found in her office if for nothing more than a cozy chat. She can also be found at the reference desk sending children on their way to the right shelf and after the correct books.

As a bookstore owner before she came to serve the historical school, Madame Donovan has been known to be quite particular about her books since arriving. Truer words have never been spoken… do not upset the Mama Lion in the stacks and all will be well. It can be said that she does not like to handle asinine questions, nor does she deal well with utter nonsense. 


This year there was a new face in the hospital wing, and the whole school was very excited to meet her. The school healer is a vital role within Hogwarts, what with all of we students constantly being injured, so when Healer Brookes took up the challenge, we were, of course, bound to give her a good run for her money. This shorter-than-average healer almost looked like one of the students, so maybe that’s why she fit in straight away, as it wasn’t long until her hospital wing was getting full. But the school did appreciate her talent and refined healing skills, gained from her experience at various healing establishments before joining the Hogwarts staff.

Whilst she was at school Healer Brookes rolled with the badgers, and that being the house of kindness, it is obviously where she acquired her pleasant nature. But we didn’t need to worry this year, because Healer Brookes turned out to be a great asset to the school. We appreciated her being here this term, and thank her for all of the lovely healing that she has done. We’re sure that we couldn’t have done it without her.