SSRPG Yearbook Term 29

Welcome to the Snitchseeker School RPG Yearbook!

While you're reminiscing about the good times and the bad, the new staff and the missing, the kids who went a little crazy or nearly got eaten by giant snow creatures, and those who managed to escape relatively unscathed, we've been busy recording it all to make sure you remember it right! So read on and reminisce about classes, Quidditch, Gobstones, prefects, superlatives, and don't forget to thank the hardworking hardcore RPers who put this publication together!

Enjoy, and of course let us know what you think at the end and join the discussion in the yearbook social group here.

Enjoy, and of course let us know what you think at the end and join the discussion in the yearbook social group here.

<3 Your Yearbook Staff 

It's an Elf-tastrophe!

 Once again this term students flocked from the Hogwarts Express ready for what they all no doubt had been the most excited about during their journey to the legendary school—the food. The Feast began with the usual speech from Headmaster Tate mentioning a possible visit from the Ministry or something but the messy state of the Great Hall took all attention away from his words. When the students took a second look around the dishes and silverware were not shined to their usual luster and were actually filthy and tarnished. What in Merlin's Beard was going on?! If they thought that was bad, the food was worse which probably had something to do with the shifty ‘No Studensies’ sign plastered on the entrance to the Kitchens by the house elves.

The message from the kitchens wasn’t the only odd sign put up; students roaming the halls on their way to their common rooms and lessons came across strange decrees made by professors such as sticking mustaches onto the suits of armor, the necessity of house colored gloves, and kissing statues. Obviously the professors were on a power trip or had lost their marbles. If those signs weren't enough the students of Hogwarts found three other rather interesting announcements posted in their common rooms for the new Dueling Club, the Prefects and Quidditch Captain’s Around the World in a Hogwarts' Day event, and Nearly Headless Nick’s 583rd Death Day Party hosted in the Dungeons. Needless to say this term was without many dull moments.

When winter arrived, and snow began to fall on the Hogwarts Grounds, a snowman building contest was started which was judged by none other than the Minister of Magic, and former Professor, Lord Berty Borr. The man’s larger than life presence had the students and staff all a titter but maybe the man had some sort of effect on the snowmen because shortly after, the icy structures seemed to get up from their resting spots, became snow CREATURES, and make their way to the greenhouses and other parts of the castle dripping snow all over the place and causing havoc. Perhaps it was the Minister of Magic, or whoever was responsible for the disappearance of Groundskeeper Stryker, who made the snowman search for a warmer place?
Although the snowmen were easily melted away after causing mostly no harm, a mysterious figure had made its way into the walls of Hogwarts destroying classrooms, stealing items from the Headmaster and setting the broomshed on fire. House elves began to show up in classes and other odd places seeming to be flustered and lying to Professors and it wasn’t until the End of Term Feast that we found out why. The mysterious person behind all the sneakiness, destruction and closing of the Kitchens was—a baby house elf! After Gryffindor prefect Kurumi Hollingberry said that she would speak on behalf of the baby house elf, Headmaster Tate decided that the it could stay as long as the other house elves and students watched out for it and then sent them to the trains with well wishes for the summer.